ICPC questions Tunde Lemo, CBN deputy governor

Tunde Lemo, CBN deputy governor

Tunde Lemo, CBN deputy governor

“The messy attrition that played out during the tenure of Mr. Adebisi Omoyeni as Group Chief Executive of Wema Bank Plc still echoes on months after Omoyeni had been formally removed from office. In a counter move to what turned a near violent effort to sack him from office, Omoyeni who was recalled from […]

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  1. Good Day.

    I have Recieved this e-mail. Is it a scam?



    Website: http://www.fmf.gov.ng

    Attn: The Recipient – Beneficiary.


    I am Dr. Muhktar Mansur, the Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have now settled down to my new office and your File is one of the contract/ inheritance payment files that I have studied completely with other approved files. I know you will be aware that the Federal Government have approved your payment, and US$1.2 Billion has been deposited in the Escrow account with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the immediate settlement of all foreign debts owned to our foreign contractors as approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

    I must say that I am very, very angry and displeased with the way my predecessor’s team handled the whole transaction in the past, which made it impossible for you to receive your funds in your account from the paying bank (Central Bank of Nigeria), Instead of making direct transfer directly to your account, they choose to transfer such a huge amount through correspondent banks abroad, which needed so much clearance that were difficult to secure under Banking Rules.

    This is utter wickedness and recklessness because nothing would have been better than a direct transfer from our Apex Bank (Central Bank of Nigeria), because you are a genuine beneficiary and all documents of prove are available in your file. Now, that we have a payment policy and the Central Bank has putting things together to ensure that every beneficiary receives payments after updating of all relevant documents and instruments for transfers.

    One thing I can assure you is that now that I am interested, you should consider your problems over because I have read so many reports on how you have suffered over the years in trying to receive your payment as approved by the government. The Government has approved a total sum of US$1.2 Billion for the immediate settlement of all foreign debts owned to our foreign beneficiaries / contractors, which is only but Part Payments as approved to be paid in this second quarter payment of the year, 2010.

    I will now advice you to delay in receiving your payment now as officially approved, because the President has officially introduced and announced about the Irrevocable Presidential Permit (IPP). This Permit document will enable the bank to release your fund quickly to you as permitted, without any further delays or demand of fees and charges from you.

    This Permit document is usually proceeding at the Admin office of the President before the final endorsements and authorizations by the authority of US Security Surveillance on foreign transfers, and also signed and approved by the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria authorizing for a smooth direct wire transfer into your bank account without any questioning or stop or demand as permitted by the two concerned offices and signatories as mentioned above.

    I will advice you to urgent apply for this IPP Approval to enable you receive your payment quickly as possible without you paying for any banking charges or fees as will permitted in the IPP Approval signed by the authority in your favor for the immediate release of your fund. As far as I am concern, you have no problem, like I said before; I will be the Chief supervisor of the transaction to ensure that everything goes well successfully and according to due process.

    You are urgently advice to contact the paying bank through their contacts as listed below for more details.

    Contact Person: Dr. Tunde Lemo (The Deputy Governor) CBN.

    Tel/fax Number: + + 234- 809-4492251

    E-mail: info@centralbksonline.com

    They will direct you normally on what to do next for the immediate transfers of your fund to your account without delay. All files including yours have been forwarded to the above mentioned office of the paying bank for immediate part payments.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Yours faithfully,

    Hon. Muhktar Mansur

    Finance Minister, (FMF)

    Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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