Between the NASI AND NASME

The Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASI) and the Nigerian ASSOCIATION of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (NASME) should have the same driving philosophy. They both claim to represent the interests of small and medium scale entrepreneurs and through conferences and consultations seek to provide opportunities for funding for entrepreneurs.

While there may be a convergence…

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Bank of Industry commits to funding NASI members

The bank offered to grant between N10 and N15million medium term loan to such a constituted cooperative to be paid back at an interest rate of 10 percent per annum. The Bank of Industry requires that a satisfactorily structured cooperative of between 10 and 15 members would pull together 10 percent of the needed…

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Some of the suggestions and recommendations contained in the report of the Technical Committee on the Review of Capital Market Structures set up
by the Securities and Exchange Commission are believed to be generating
some form of anxiety at the Abuja headquarters of the SEC.

The Committee which was set up, fourth quarter 2008, …

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The year end financial result of Stanbic-IBTC Bank is reported to have come under the serious scrutiny of officials of the National Accounting Standard Board. Sources at the Alausa, Ikeja office of the body responsible for setting the accounting reporting template of the nation’s corporate and other economic active sectors, said a number of…

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Whistle Blowers Call SEC’s Attention To Eternal Oil Secret Moves To Acquire Afroil… Shares Manipulation Alleged

An under the table deal to acquire the shares of on suspension Afroil by Eternal Oil at the detriment of other shareholders in the company, has been exposed and reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC had in March 2008 announced the suspension in the trading of the shares of Afroil as a…

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Amagashie, Ufot to speak at Servewell’s workshop on global recession marketing

In a bid to insulate the industry and its practitioners against the current global economic downturn, Servewell, a human resource development and training firm, has concluded plans to hold a one day workshop with the theme – “The Global Recession and Managing Marketing Communications Efficiently.”

According to Ayo Owoborode, chief consultant, ServeWell, also a fellow of…

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75 Per Cent Of Credit To Stock Market Cornered By Operators Affiliated To Banks

Analysts at Proshare Nigeria have said that banks’ exposure to loans secured by their affiliates for stock market activities might have triggered a 65 per cent drop in capitalization of Nigerian banks and may, therefore be a fair reflection of the possible loss on the portfolio held by the banks through margin loans.

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Danger Signals For Nigerian Investors In Dubai Properties

The loud pitches about the high returns in investing in properties in Dubai rent the Nigerian national space all through 2008. It was auspicious for Dubai real estate vendor in the country at that time; the Nigerian stock market, prosperous over a straight five-year period beginning in 2003, had suddenly copped out in the […]
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