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It has become necessary due to demands that the opinion of the editor of this publication might be sort. Therefore, the editor, Mr. Niyi Akinsiju, in order to satisfy the needs of our visitors, created this page for you to make your enquiries, comments and whatever through same channel he would respond. Thank you.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    In determining the present stock price and importance of stocks compared to at least last year, you will find out that the mind and zeal to invest is not really there anymore as expected. I was reading a story about the people whom this MARKET DOWN TURN really affected and I discovered that a man who was worth ($2.6) Two million Six hundred Thousand Dollars is now currently worth Three Hundred And Twenty Thousand Dollars ($320,000).First I asked myself a gigantic question, How many years did it take this man to gather such wealth that he lost within a twinkling of an eye. I was not the only person who read that story, many people did. What am trying to say is that people have lost interest on stocks not even to talk about LONG TERM INVESTMENT. Stocks are falling by the day and not every person would accept an investment into capital market because of the way some quoted companies have been treating their shareholders.

    For instance, First Inland Now FINBANK sold public offer early this year, till this moment, no one has ever had any clue about the shares certificate many have said they have already forgotten the certificate after all, the stock price is going down by the day so what is the need?

    I would like to appeal to your good self to use this medium to publish our misgiving of the treatment FINBANK is meting out to its offer subscribers. FINBANK should please try and issue the certificate of their last offer or announce when it is expected because investors are losing. This should not add to the frustrating situation in the market at the moment.

    Thanks and God bless you, as I look forward to reading the response in the next edition of FORTUNE AND CLASS WEEKLY.

    Best regards.

  2. Dear sir,
    please I will love to have your media kit and their advertising rate.I am interested in both classified and display advertising.

  3. plz i and my downlines in getaway club we like u to plz look into the report u gave on getaway and the one success digest gave last year that made us to come into it and tell us what to do now is our money gone plz befor is 2 late thanks mr atta

  4. Your article on Cement might have captured the attention of most Nigerians icthing to own houses. Please could you put up another article to remind the proponement of N700 per bag of cement that we are waiting for the products to arrive so that our hope of owning houses would not be dashed. I can authoritatively tell you that the ex-factory price of cement has gone up by N150 per bag thus bring average price per bag to N1400 per bag
    Let the Otedola and Jimoh know that Nigerians are still waiting for them

  5. Dear Mr. Niyi Akinsiju,
    I must first say that I find Fortune & Class very informative and interesting.
    Do you produce a “hardcopy” print version of this newsletter?
    I ask the question because I am currently looking for a someone to go into Partnership Publishing with.

    Kindly respond to the email address above.
    Niyi Adedeji

  6. Thank you for dropping by. We produce hardcopy of the magazine on weekly basis by name Fortune&Class Weekly. You are welcome to our office anytime to discuss.

  7. Mr. Adedeji, you can also forward your mobile numbers to, or call 08023121459. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for the informtion on “wonder banks” and the CBN position on this sensitive issue. Just want to know the latest on this issue and the possibility of us getting back our deposits.
    Thank you once again!

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  10. Please kindly contact me regarding the relevant news item. Many thanks.

  11. Thanks, it would be a pleasure.

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