Mr. Pandanam, an Indian expatriate who holds a high ranking office in Dr. Mike Adenuga (Jnr) Equitorial Trust Bank (ETB) was not intended on leaving Nigeria in a hurry. The Indian, who, until he left Nigeria in a hurry, was the bank’s Regional Services Director, decided to bid farewell to his job at ETB when he was posted to the Port Harcourt office of the bank.

Inside sources in ETB informed FORTUNE&CLASS Weekly that the expatriate was shocked by the posting to a city which he claimed is the hotbed of militant activities in the Niger Delta. The sources further confided that Pandamanam made strenuous efforts to appeal to the management of the bank to reconsider the decision to post him to Port Harcourt.

“We even heard that he made efforts to get Otunba Adenuga to persuade the management to rescind the decision on account of the risks an expatriate working in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria is exposed.” A source said. “He also argued that he did not have the millions of naira kidnappers in the Niger Delta region are likely to demand for and, as such, he should be saved from the imminent danger he will be exposed to by the transfer to work in Port Harcourt.” The source explained.

Nobody was, however, persuaded with the pleas of the expatriate: “The management had the backing of Otunba on the posting and it was affirmed to him again that he should proceed to resume in Port Harcourt. But when he realized he could not convince anybody in the top hierarchy of the bank’s management, he tendered his resignation and left the service of the bank. I understand he packed his belongings and moved out of the country.” The source added.