Retirement is a period of rest after long tedious working hours adding up to years as a salary earner, but to many in this part of a developing economy like Nigeria, it is a moment to even own a business.

Many retirees are fond of retiring to a country home’s farm-land or to a cottage business. This is like retiring into a working schedule; it is, however, different from full blown retirement.

A man can only go into full blown retirement if he had seriously been planning for a long time for it. Despite the illegal acquisition of wealth, and embezzlement by African leaders most of whom were ex-military dictators and office holders, still get involved in one form of business or political appointment.

But the principal perceived obstacle confronting many retirees wishing to retire to their private business relates to how to arise fund for their businesses.

According to FOOLS DOT.COM analysis and recommended strategies, If you look at search engine statistics, in other words, if you look at terms and words people type into the search box when surfing the net on a search engine like Google you will see that one of the most popular “small business” related search word that people type is “How can I get money to start my own business?”

Knowing this, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that other extremely popular small business search terms or rhetorical questions include:

•Where to find money to start a business
•Raise money to start a business
•Grants for starting a small business
• Loans for starting a small business

I am going to tell you where you find the money you need to start your very own business. But I need to level with you right here. There’s no free money for starting your own business. No person or government agency hands out grants or free money or loans without strict repayment clauses. Anybody who tries to tell you differently, please hang on to your wallet.

OK. That warning made, even if you’re dead broke, you can usually still get the money needed to start your own business. And if you have any financial assets at all–for example, if you have a job or the capacity to get a job–you will easily be able to accumulate the money you need to start your own business without a doubt.

I talk in a lot more detail about how to get the money you need to start your own business in the Start Your Very Own Retirement Business However, even with limited space; I can share several useful tips:


You don’t need as much money to start a business as you think. Or at least, not if you start the right sort of business. Now, yes, of course, you need a lot of money if you’re thinking about doing computer aided manufacturing using million-dollar machines. Or if you’re thinking about investing in expensive real estate properties. However, if you’re limited in your financial resources, you can’t (and should not) think about starting those kinds of businesses. Rather, you want to focus on a service business…one where the business doesn’t require expensive machinery or showy accoutrements. Like turning your hobby into source of money or you get financial support or soft loan from friends


While theoretically speaking you can only get money from investors and lenders, that doesn’t mean you have to get your loans from a regular bank… or get your equity capital from traditional investors. Even the most financially strapped entrepreneur can often borrow from nontraditional sources. For example, do you know there’s a common way to borrow from your customers? (It’s by getting an upfront retainer or deposit.) Do you know you can often borrow from a retirement account without paying penalties or interest? For anyone who can get or has a job, there are ways to raise the modest amount of capital required to start a service business.


One final general point about finding the money to start a business: You can often trade time for money when you’re talking about raising money to start a business. For example, you can do work yourself (and save costs that way obviously). And you can walk through the steps to starting up your business more slowly (and so save money that way). These sort of bootstrapping techniques, as they’re called, are well known to experienced entrepreneurs–the people who tend to start business after business. The bootstrapping techniques aren’t as commonly applied to small service businesses. But the techniques can be applied and I’ll tell you how in the Starting a Business as you continues to read this page.

So, raise the capital for starting your retirement business requires patience and in-depth understanding of how to nurture an idea to become a money yielding affair. But there are some fundamental quality you must have to be a successful business owner and a retired business mogul.

Don’t be too bothered or enveloped by the emotion on how to raise the money, also think about how to manage and multiply the investment because you must understand yourself [strength and limitation], understanding the psychology of your target audience and the economic trends in the country. With this environmental scanning you will be able to plan ahead.

So, if your plan is to establish a private business as a retirement option, think deeply about who will succeed you and how transition will not affect the efficiency of the company.

Contact a qualified pension consultant today, to guide you, and put you and your whole house hold or dependants through the process of transiting from salary earner to salary payer, from employee to entrepreneur.