Over the last six months, staffers of ETB, the bank owned by Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr. have had had to resume work with the burden of uncertainty weighing over their shoulders until close of work. Reason for the anxious moments at the workplace is the report of periodic letters being dispatched to personnel of the banks conveying management’s instructions advising the recipients of such letters to voluntarily retire from the services of the bank.

“Nobody is sure of what would happen during work hours,” a staff of the bank told FORTUNE & CLASS Weekly. “The fact is that we don’t know exactly what is going on; I am aware that the bank has been employing new people but at the same time is confounding that some of the people even, we staff consider to be very good at their work get these shocking letters of compulsion to disengage. So, how can one be at ease when one is at work with such things happening to co-workers and one has not made alternative employment arrangement?” the staff queried.

FORTUNE & CLASS Weekly gathered that a number of staff at the managerial level, have, however, taken their fate in their hands by resigning their appointments to avoid the unpleasantness of a sudden ditch by the bank’s management.

“I think those are that are lucky to quickly secure employment with other places are smart enough, if I have the option I will do the same. You can imagine people that had put between 10 and 16 years into the service being unceremoniously given the boots like that? Everybody would naturally be jittery,” another ETB’s staff echoed

“In fact, when one of the much respected senior officials at our branch got the letter informing him to voluntary retire, we were aghast. At first, we wanted to protest but unfortunately we did not have the right platform to do that. Then we told him that he should write in his retirement letter that he was forced to retire and explain in the letter that he had had a clean record of service delivery to the bank. When the concerned staff called his contact at head office of what he intended writing in his letter, the man at the other end said they won’t accept the letter if it is written that way. It’s really so frustrating,” another staff confided.

Mr. Abdul Funsho, Head Corporate Communications, however, insisted that nothing extraordinary was happening at the bank.

“The bank is only repositioning and restructuring for efficient service delivery. The bank is employing more hands by the day. So, it is natural that going forward the bank has to look for skills that match the vision and goals of the bank,” Funsho said.