The successes of business entities are model dependent, and to every business concern is attributed a peculiar way of doing things. That is exploiting opportunities for profit, at least, this is what entrepreneurship is all about; make money the way it suits you. So which of these two identified business models would you rather adopt? The two models are cheekily referenced in the corporate enclave as the Shell Model and the Chevron Model.

By the way, Shell and Chevron are two of the nation’s multinational big players in the oil and gas upstream sector. Upstream sector translates to oil and gas exploration and production.

First, the Shell model: this is predicated on big pay and a consequent bigger responsibilities profile. Industry sources explain that Shell employs a staff to collect the salary of two but is given the work of three staff on the same responsibility scale.

The Chevron Model: Simple, lease everything from teaspoon to vessels. Industry insiders account claim that Chevron is ready to go. I don’t know if you know what I mean. It means that with a little ruffling up, Chevron is nimble enough, not being burdened with acquired assets in Nigeria, to just jump on the next flight out of the country.

Now, you can go, think out your own exploitative model. It’s all about making money, isn’t it?