World’s Richest List: Why Mike Adenuga, Jimoh Ibrahim didn’t make it

In a direct confirmation of Fortune&Class Weekly news report of last week, the Forbes magazine, the United States of America’s compiler of the annual list of the world’s richest, Mr. Femi Otedola, Chief Executive Officer of Zenon Oil and Gas and largest shareholder of African Petroleum joined Alhaji Aliko Dangote on the world’s richest […]

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16 Responses

  1. there is no doubt about the fact that chief mike adenuga is richer than both dangote and otedola,therefore my comment thus is that the rating is farce and untrue by phone line is 07062441599.thank you

  2. well, dangote n otedola can not be d richest, if the p a of obasanjo (UBA) can declear 1trillion niara which is about $10b in the 2007 election then hw much is obasanjo then worth his boss.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Andy UBA Never declared 1 trillion naira. Adenuga runs a private comapnay so forbes will find it difficult to value his holdings which is why his name was not on the list. Remember Dangote and Otedola were listed on Forbes after they both went to the market.

    Thanks Guys.

  4. consider the fact that government looted funds are not counted. If not all three men would not top the list. there are many Nigerians that have tripple and quadruple the mentioned wealth of the current nominees.

  5. adenuga is obviously richer than dangote and this is my prove he owns an oil company conoil ,E T B bank and glo the tree greetest sources of wealth in this 21st century my numberis 07063117405 AGABA IDOKO COUNT ME RIGHT

  6. mikes d greatest thing to have happened to nigerias private financial might! its so clear that politics and hatred from d corridors of power are not in line with his true person wat he represents.. I TRULY WISH TO MEET AND BE LIKE HIM SUM DAY! 08077485703

  7. People who have know Adenuga would beg to difer with Don K. Surely he does not know Adenuga, who is a crook, cheat, fraud and manipulator for over 2 decades. There may be others but that does not give him a clean chit. He has no respect for law and therefore in trouble in may countries becuase of his illegal activities. He thinks every body is for sale and he can buy his way out but unfortunately that does not work all the time and every where. that is why he in the present situation from which he can never get out. In fact all his wealth should be confiscated being obatined by fruadulent means. I think the media should launch a thorough investigation into his affairs like they do in developed countries where nobody is above the law – recent examples are exposure of greedy and corrupt policticans in UK

  8. i think seriously that Johnson is a semi-literate,because u are basing your sentimental analysis on unfounded fact that are better flushed down the toilet bowl of rubbish.i think u need to get your facts right,before making a public comment that could land u in jail


  10. ……uhm! all have spoke their mind, some may be logically sensible and other full of fool thought….. this is the questn to work on; how do you know or confirm a dubious wealth?, when some people are posing like or may be praise a saints, which might be proved wrong otherwise in the long run….. now, lets reason together…if one got labeled for dubius wealth
    and the person invest the money for the masses to benefitted, see it vice-versa

  11. it is obvious that obasanjo is the richest nigerian based on the following these speculations

    1. beachland estate what is the koko behing the story
    2.eleme petrochemicals,osogbo steel rolling mills,obajana cement factory,ajaokuta steel industry.
    3.not only ota farm six farms in 6 different states
    4.spends $16 billion on electricity (which is more than the net worth of dangote and adenuga combined)
    5.who actually owns traanscorp (over 400 billion for rail project)
    6.much about virgin nigeria
    7.what about the four tokunbo planes bought as new($480 million)
    8.what of the 84 billion naira missing in the glass house
    9.have you heard of flying ghana must go bags
    to mention these but few obj is the richest man but all known richest men have one way or the other embezled (stolen) public funds
    let us stop arguing about them and kick them out of power
    they are all capitalist not the socialist they claim to be


  13. Its amazing how young guys dis days waste their precious time on fooly topic like this. Mike no doubt is d richest man on african continent, bt instead of lavishin praise on a phenomenum of his generation, y dnt u search 4 undiscovered source of wealth, so u can affect ur generation. To many, it might b fooly, bt 2 d few who know dis truth, dis is my no 08020755236

  14. D best of all is to hav faith in God and serv him accordingly bcos wen Mr death comes, he is less consign about ur wealthy or ur position in life. 08026277766

  15. These three men have done well for this country whether we like it or not. They choose to invest their money here unlike our greedy politicians. But i think dangote is the richest then followed by adenuga. Otedola is just fortunate to have a former governor as father.

  16. Lets not 4get the fact dat who God has blessed no man can cos, but i’m praying to be like three of dem especialy Mike Adenuga.

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