2008 Mondeo: The Body of Desire

A big occurrence could not just be considered as a passing moment; when an elephant passes by, all must stand at attention. We are talking about cars here, but one with loud and illustrious brand representation. And even more than that, a vehicle manufacturing conglomerate that has its roots in myths and history.

Consider this. If you were to walk or drive through a shallow path of water do you know how your act would be interpreted? Simple, it is an act of fording through a river. So, it goes that a company, once upon a time, decided to construct a device not only for conquering rivers but also the mainlands, sandy or rocky terrains. The company that took on that onerous task is today known as Ford Automobiles. The company had since then earned itself the title of the world’s largest manufacturer of automobiles and the world’s largest producer of trucks. In 2008, that company added a new sobriquet to its long list of distinguished brand names with the offering to the auto world of its el totalmente Nuevo otherwise known as the object of desire 2008 Mondeo 175PS 2.2litre TDCi.

Henry Ford once askd that the question, ‘Who ought to be boss?’ It’s like asking ‘Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet?’ Obviously, the man who can sing tenor! With the introduction of the multi-award winning Ford Mondeo, the automaker retains its lead as the man who sings the tenor in the automobile industry, with the sedan’s tendency to extend its premium sporty appeal. The visually exciting, stuffed with standard equipment and powered by new premium diesel or five-cylinder petrol engines, is the most desirable of all cars, at least, in present day rating.

Who knows the meaning of body-of-desire better than the Ford automaker with the vehicle carrying a tag See it one minute, want it the next. It is the power and grace of energy in motion, emphasizing complex laser-brazed surfaces and athletic, sculptural forms: from the raised shoulder line and pronounced wheel arches to the jewel-like headlamps and head-turning front grille. One glance and you are hooked!

The new 175PS 2.2litre TDCi engine is among the smoothest units of its types, combining swift, quiet acceleration of 0-62mph in 8.4seconds and a top speed of 139mph with a combined economy figure of 45.6mpg. With kilometre by kilometre discharge of 165g, the car is definitely green-friendly.

As if the automaker has the Nigerian motor way in mind during construction, the super Mondeo is well equipped with all necessities to survive the nation’s rough roads. Accidents happen, but a vehicle that danced through a crash test as Shedrack danced through the lake of fire, could be a great source of confidence. And if at all there is an impact, don’t worry; the safety measure is so complete you could challenge the Zuma rock to a bull fight. You talk about air-bags conspicuously located at every strategic corner of the machine; driver knee bolster, driver and front passenger dual stage front, front seat side and full length side-curtain. In moment of urgency, there should exist no fear of betrayal because what you are commanding is a power 4-wheel disc with Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)!

The reach/rake-adjustable leather wrapped hydraulic power-assisted steering wheel is the most interactive of all wheels in making your journey less boring. Every Mondeo comes with the next generation of Ford’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) system directly fixed with the steering wheel. The presence of radar technology, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Alert, enable you to monitor the gap with the vehicle ahead, adjusting speed to keep a safe distance and alerts of collision risk.

Putting all these into consideration before getting your next ride should make you agree with me that auto business for Ford Automobile is not just about collecting your hard earned money but more about you. “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business!” Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Automobiles, once said.

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