For expectant investors that had invested sums ranging between N20,000 and N1million before June 19 2008 in the Commandclem Social Security Scheme, it seems the promise of the wind fall from their investment in the scheme is taking too long to materialize. Those that spoke with FORTUNE&CLASS WEEKLY said the wait for the conclusion of the court process that will enable the operators of the scheme start paying them is becoming frustrating.

The story behind the wealth making potentials of the Commandclem scheme is quite interesting. Protagonists of the scheme market it to intending investors as the ultimate path to escaping poverty through registering to become a patentee of a special paint product invented by a Nigerian way back in the 1980s or 1990s, in truth, non of the marketers can be specific about the date of the invention. By registering in the scheme, the investor is said to become a co-patentee to the supposed inventor of the product, a man named King Clement Uwemediimo.

Registered patentees, according to the scheme’s marketers, would be positioned to earn a life time monthly allowance of N30,000. Even after the death of the patentee, his or her offspring would be entitled to the monthly payment. There are other categories in the scheme differentiated by registration fee. The highest possible class in the patentee category is the Knight. A patentee qualifies to this category on paying a registration fee of N4,000,000. The promised benefits to a patentee in this category can’t all be listed, but it include lifetime monthly earning of N300,000, constant contract jobs and holidays in exotic places around the world.

The promises are quite impressive. But the downside is that benefitting from the impressive promises of the scheme is tied to the success of a court case. According to the marketers, King Uwemediimo had sued Mobil Nigeria Unlimited to court for patent right infringement. Is said that Uwemediimo had sold the right of the product, a special paint with which crude oil tanks in the ocean are painted so as to preserve the tanks from corrosion by the salty ocean water. The demand of Uwemediimo, the marketers said is a sum of $39.3billion. However, perhaps to make the offer more juicer, some marketers quote some more humongous figures like $67 billion or $8.7 trillion depending on the marketer selling pitch.

Suddenly, an industry seemed to spring up around the Commandclem scheme at about November 2007 when it was made public that the an Akwa Ibom High Court was going to sit in the Nigerian Consulate in New York to hear witnesses from Mobil on the patent right infringement.

A group of young men must have smelt the opportunity in the Commandclem court case. An organized campaign was initiated to market conclusion of the scheme as an investment.

The first sales line of the marketer is that an interested investor must be registered with the scheme before the court’s final ruling on the matter on June 19 2008. The second sales line is that Commandclem is favoured to win the case no matter the odd. The third pitch is that the court will order the all oil producing companies in Nigeria to calculate two dollars on each barrel of crude oil produced in Nigeria since the invention was allegedly sold to Mobil, and that, the market added up would amount to trillions of dollars. It is from this judgment sanction that participants would be paid their life entitlements.

The marketing pitch, apparently worked. Advertisement jingles were placed on radio programmes, while alleged representatives of the scheme even went around television stations for awareness campaign. Newspapers advertisement spaces were also bought to announce the scheme that would turn Nigerian poors into overnight rich people that would share in the humongous back log of patent fee that would be paid to Uwemediimo. Even on the internet, blogs and sites were dedicated to invite investors to register before the final judgment of June 19. Offices were opened nationwide for people to register.

Not a few Nigerians were taken in by the pitch. FORTUNE&CLASS OBSERVED a high traffic of people in offices of the scheme in Lagos State. In fact, one Okaiwele Austin requested on his blog site that interested investors should pay N5000 into his account before he would post contact details of the scheme operators to them. The officials of the scheme warned that no registration would be allowed after the June 19 2008 final judgment, this further fueled the high traffic.

But now, the cold reality of some of the unreal expectations of the scheme may be dawning on the investors. In the first place, the decision of the court can not be contemplated by any party to the suit. While it has been confirmed that there is truly, indeed, a court matter pending on the subject of a patent, the ruling of the court case is that of no other person than the judge. And the ruling can favour either Commandclem or Mobil. Besides, even if it is assumed that Commandclem wins the case, the cost sanction against Mobil may not be as huge as expected. In fact, if the court sanctioned Mobil in the cost expected by the Commandclem marketers, it would be the first of such in the world.

Anyway, the situation report at the moment is that expectant investors in the scheme back in 2007 are becoming frustrated over waiting for so long and to make it even bad, nobody can assure them of how much longer they are going to wait. The court that was expected to sit and make its ruling on the matter on June 19 did not sit because the judge was absent. The case was said to be adjourned to July 22. Again, on the adjourned date nothing was heard of the suit. Now, in November, not even the marketers of the scheme can provide updates on the court process and when it would be disposed of.

For a scheme that is tied to the judgment of the court, investors have started grumbling aloud that they were cheated into believing that the case was near conclusion before they registered but now that some of them have their money tied down to the scheme for more than a year, they are saying it seems they were hoodwinked.

PS: It has been brought to our notice that an aggressive advertisement of  Commandclem Social Security Scheme is ongoing in popular media houses in Ogun State, Nigeria, therefore, we believe it is our duty to advise the investing public to look before they leap. Thank you.

58 Responses

  1. Why are the entitlements of commandclem investors still delayed and why hasn’t the court made the final judgment regarding to the payment of it the investors????

  2. Next month is the Senate hearing of failed banks and financial institutions. Watch out.

  3. commandclem is taking too much time and moreso why is the judge not always on sit

  4. If things have failed, gear up and make returns even if it is less than contributions. Atleast we would know it wasn’t as intent to defraud us.

  5. Considering your article it comfirms the genuiness of the commandclem. I am not surprised atthe delay in the case because form the story it appears the judiciary, Court or judge is under serious pressure. I guess a lot of lobby is going on and the commandclem group have to raise funds to pursue the case that’s why they came up with this “co-patentee” scheme.

    Let’s read between the lines! Do you know how much money it will take you to pursue a court case with mobil? They have the purchasing power to do a lot of things and you have to be able to compete with that. You see what i mean?

    One one note, if mobil wins a lot of co-patentee will suffer their own share of the loss,

    On the otherhand, if Commandclem wins, co-patentee may run crazy if Commandclem eventually keep to their promise.

    What we should all do is stop and watch what comes out of the final court rulling.

    —Cheer Up for the economic meltdown will certainly freeze up! You just need a virtue called PATIENCE!

  6. Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  7. hello commandclem when the case is going to be over, i have invested and waiting since august 2008

  8. all, you need to be very patient with least you are all aware that the case is still going on, and mobil will not want to pay that sum of money easily. i still believe that we are all still going to laugh at last.

  9. pls what is the next line of action now, or what s happening, pls get back to me.

  10. please we have waited so long to ripe from what we planted but it,s seems we are facing false instead of true.And please always feed us with details of the court so that our mind can be at rest.

  11. hello commandclem; i heared that they have pay money to patentee member in oshogbo. please tell me what hapen to oyo state member

  12. Sorry; you dont answer my quetion pls tell me what is going on about the money thanks

  13. Has anyone heard of the latest on the issue of Commandclem case? i want to know if the court has rulled since this year. someone told me the patentee is still open as at last week newspaper(june).

  14. it,s very unfortunate that up till now no result from commandclem in which i personally expected to start receiving my cool money i suffer to invests since may last year.but may GOD help us to winner ooooo! !! !!! amen.GOD help!

  15. All we can do is pray for the early materialisation of the expected victory. It’s no time to make complaints… I believe it’s political manipulation that’s delaying our breakthrough. Come Oct. 5, God be with us. More grease to your elbows commandclem.

  16. its high time in this country that people, government should wake up and do their bits to ensure the safety of the hard earned money that we have not to be swindled from us by any company whatsoever is the name. cant this company commandclem enlighten people especially king clement uwemedimo about this discovery. all these money collected so far what was it used for. now they are at it again, why cant they go to nigerian stock exchange to officially sell to make us share holders.
    wat are they afraid of. our people should stop being unnecessarily gullible.

  17. we need patience and not to slam commandclem. we should also pray for justice from the justices of fed court of appearl which we hold to a very high esteem.
    i believe commandclem intention was not dubious, so i still have hope, we ‘ll win mobil. bc tis is something that concern the common man.

  18. It’s been almost 2years i invested, and i know good things don’t come easy, all we need to do is pray and hope for a better tomorow by learning to think as a winner instead of the opposite.


  20. I learnt there was a meeting held by commandclem with all investors? How did it go? Nobody should be expecting returns from commandclem this year because even if the court pronounces commandclem as winner, mobil will not just cough out about patent $40 billion arrears as i heard. “No be small money” and they may want to go to appeal or supreme court(which ever way it is done legally, i’m not a lawyer). if you were Mobil and d judgement is not in your favour, will you just settle for it?

    This is a serious battle that Mobil will not give up on so easily. Commandclem can’t give any returns until favourable judgement is made. As someone said above, to fight a court case with a company like Mobile that has the purchasing power is massive, so i guess commandclem has to use this method to raise funds for court proceedings and other things involved. So you see, this thing is more or less like a group of people who are putting their resources together to fight a particular course and not just a business investment.

    You know when it comes to money, nigerians don’t really listen to explanation and the nitty-gritty, they are only interested in what they can make out of it. That’s the same attitude that was applied to stocks. I am sure commandclem made it clear to everybody that returns will depend on the court verdict, and if you were smart enough, you ought to have known that court verdict can not be predicted especially when there’s high lobby. if you have had a court case before, you will understand this better.

    i knew all these, that’s why i didn’t burrow any money to but in. i used my own cash to join in the commandclem course which i bellieve justice should prevail on. So i can afford to wait till next year when i expect it to end(based on the reasons i gave earlier on). Any program like this that you do, don’t burrow money to do it(that’s greed), also don’t be so anxious about profit that you forget to study workings very well.

    For me, i don’t have any problems with Commandclem, thay have a good initiative which i bought into and i am willing to wait and see the outcome because it is a 50/50 chance. Have you ever thought what you would do if Commandclem looses the case? We don’t pray for that but what if it happens?

    My advice is go about your normal life and the business or job you are doing. i f it works out good but if it doesn’t, just move on! That’s how i leave life and free myself from hypertension!

    keep Moving On!

    You Will Succeed!!!

  21. People invest in Commandclem with lots of xpectations and trust in them,but i assure Nigerians who with there whole heart supported and invested in this company to keep on praying that God should fight for us. Lets have it in mind that better is not good enough but the best is still yet to come.

  22. People always want to hear something encouraging from the right source especially when it comes to money matter.

    I am one of those with great faith of winning this case, but those i convinced to register as a patentee with the commandclem Nig Ltd which they did, still doubt of whether it is true. Can i get any recent publication with great evidence in order to boost their moral? Please do me a favour by sending to this e-mail address.

    I also want to suggest that even if there is no pressure from the patentee, they need to be communicated once in a while.

    Still praying for victory at the end.

    Victory is ours by God’s grace!

  23. It is increminating and ridiculous for ones right to be betrayed. The court should decide this case as a matter of urgency to enable commandclem execute his goodly plans.

  24. This is a matured crooked theftry acts demonstrated by Mobil. Its just like Mobil recruiting an employee on sending the employee on course abroad, he/she conived with the trainer to change Mobil’s Registered name. How would Mobil management feel like?

  25. i got message from commandclem that case is won how true is that.

  26. I read on this site – that Commandclem has won the case. This is very good news, but how true is this.

    Check out the page –

  27. YES!!! Comandclem won the case against Mobil on the 8th December 2009. As a bona fide patentee, here is a message I received on my cell phone: “Congrat! We won. Our invention was endorsed at Appeal Court on 8/12/09. Mobil e.t.c. are liable from 5/8/99. To get royalty in progress, Registration ends soon.

  28. thank God the judgement was passed in favour of comandclem,but when is payment commencing

  29. congrats comandclem,
    It’s been a big fight win. As a prince and an employee of this organization,i pray for fulfilment of promises devoid of Nigerian factor as entrenched in our registration forms by the organization.
    My wife and i hails the management and King Uwemediimo for your tireless efforts towards this timely success.
    Long Live Comandclem! Long Live Investors!! Long Live Nigeria!!!

    Yakubu E.A

  30. I don’t know if I agree with this article. I mean there are a lot of ways to look at this, don’t you think? What makes one opinion so much more valid than any other?

  31. if the case has really been won, why commandclem not contacted its patantees to update us on when the payments will start coming.

  32. please try to keep us posted, lets know when to start getting this money.

  33. I learnt there is a meeting that is meant to come up today to determine the mode of payment of every patentee.i will be glad if anyone can update me…019590192

  34. I am frustrated at the state of things in the commandclem investment, please keep me abreast with the latest happenings. Has the court said anything on the case?

  35. Please when are we going to be pay,since the case has been worn.Secondly,I was not send any text msg as regard of the victory of the case.I hope it will not affect my benefit.Thank you.God bless.

  36. Please, can someone tell me what is happening with comandclem now, I am not in the country for two years now ?

  37. i wish all these problems yaradua is giving us will end

  38. o boy we do not want to wait longer again ooooooooooooo

  39. Please i am asking when would this happen, for it has be long .

  40. its really not fair for people who invested their capital in the commandclem share and they are really bored about when will they start benefitting their interest!!!

  41. pls,wots the latest abt commandclem?
    i heard over d media some weeks ago dat people can still come & buy into d patency right!
    1.have d court rulling been done indeed in favour of commandclem? do i buy from it and wot do i stand to gain?
    3.any deadline set for participation?
    4.where do i contact commandclem,i recide in owo,ondo state.

  42. When is comandclem going to fulfill payment to his patentees? & is’t any other thing to do after registration?

  43. hi,
    i registered as a patentee 3yrs back and i have since lost hope in ever getting anything outta comandclem. they are pure scammer, thorough breed.

  44. when do we reap the benefit of our investment ?

  45. how true is the payment of the money and is true that comandclem is building a bank?

  46. when is the registration ending for the south easterners.

  47. when is registration ending for southeasterners?

  48. is it true that comandclem is building a bank to get the money paid in?if yes where?

  49. and has the court rely ruled the case in favour of comandclem? if yes when?

  50. and has the court rely ruled the case in favour of comandclem? if yes when?and when is the money getting paid?

  51. His Excellency, King CLEMENT UWEMEDIMO told the commandclem patentees ‘NOT TO LOOSE HOPE’ on Tuesday, June 9, 2009. But now, it is as if the Leg of our HOPE is shaking. It was Dec. 2009 that I have received message last on commandclem. We patentees are now in great DARKNESS as far as commandclem is concerned. Where are we pls? What is the latest information from commandclem?
    Secondly, I saw some patentees names on the internet (especially, Lagos based/registered patentees) while other patentees/states were excluded. Why pls.?
    MY, 07055025048 or 07030121058. THANKS.(Kenny ).

  52. to hail nigerian Government, did they think all this nonsence
    end up in nigeria? why nigerian government can never sick for the benefit of their people,this situation is what nigerian president can just voice out a world and thing will be ok,but now you can imagine are they not ashame? other countries are reading all this rubish that is going on and they are laughing at us, now let me tell all the countries that are looking for nigerians as scammer please you should stop but Nigerian government are Scamers ok,the have have scamm all nigerians ok.

  53. it’s not over until it’s over.keep on investing the reward is very close.

  54. it’s not yet over until it’s over keepon investing and keep all hands on deck.Thanks

  55. keep all hands on deckMost importantly exercisepatience .Thanks

  56. pls reply my quesion

  57. the management of comandclem need to continually update their members, personnaly i have advice many to take the risk and achieve life time financial security, but in recent time many question were post un answered in other to sustain our intergrity you need to update your member. May God help you to help masses

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